Benjamin Macfarland Company, LLC is a unique deal sourcing and development platform, based in Palm Beach Florida.  Developers, institutional capital providers, not-for-profit corporations and family offices come to BMC to execute using its professional platform with a network of accountants, attorneys and bankers to provide NO-HASSLE transactions and services. BMC was founded in 2006. BMC now owns and manages roughly 250,000 square feet of income producing property and has executed over $250 Million in transactions.

In 2006, Benjamin Macfarland established his eponymous brokerage business in South Florida.  His aim was to leverage his experience with real estate and local Palm Beach economic agencies to establish a transactional niche.  To establish a cashflowing foundation for the business, Ben began to reinvest proceeds into and also manage a portfolio of self storage properties which now reaches over a quarter million square feet.

In 2009, Ben went to American University to obtain his Master’s in Business Administration during the economic downturn.  During this time he established a relationship with Christopher DeVaughn whom was in the midst of helping the hotel real estate private equity fund he worked with to deploy a large fund and ultimately go public.  Sighting the inefficiency of deal sourcing in the private equity space, coupled with a seismic reshuffling of partnerships in the real estate industry, the both of them decided that late 2011 was a great time to establish a platform to address this problem.

Through trial, error and analysis of secular trends, the team decided to focus their long term business foundation in 4 primary areas:  Hospitality, Student Housing, Senior Living and Self Storage.


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